SHE takes HE to Refine Method

She Sweats: A Refine Method class with Brynn was on the top of my list of things HE needs to try.  There is no other workout in NYC (that I’ve been to yet) that works your legs this much.  There are squats and lunges galore, with kettlebells and sliding discs, countless number of hip raises, and of course, they always throw in some push ups….which I even got yelled at for because I was cheating on my knees.  Don’t be fooled by nice, sweet Brynn, she means serious business. She started Refine Method for a reason and she wants everyone to work as hard she knows they can.  My night was complete when HE looked at me with a serious expression on his face and said “this is NOT easy”.  Umm yea, that’s right HE Sweats! Why do you think I brought you here?! Brynn, thank you for an awesome class, as always, and thank you for proving that this is not just a class for us ladies.

He Sweats: SHE convinced me to come with her to a totally new class with a totally new instructor to me. Was I scared? Nope! I walked in with my chest out much to the comedic dismay of Brynn. Who I fell in love with but we’ll get to that in a second. My first thought when looking at the studio that came to mind? Torture Chamber! I already knew this was going to leave a mark. Being a first timer, Brynn came over to introduce herself and get me comfortable with all the equipment and sets that she would be barking out momentarily. I was one of two men in the class. Seems to be the trend in all my classes across the NYC. No complaints here! As for Brynn, she definitely knows what she is doing. She glanced over in my direction numerous times to see if I was keeping up. The kettlebell squat portion of the class definitely took its toll. I am feeling that exercise as I even write this up. As a guy, I was extremely impressed with Refine and it will definitely compliment most of my other workouts. As for Brynn? She rocks! She corrected my form stayed on me when she thought I was slacking and congratulated me at class end on a job well done. I will most certainly be back. Only when SHE takes me of course!


2 thoughts on “SHE takes HE to Refine Method

  1. Dori

    I LOVE this post and I love your site! I’ve been taking Refine since they opened 2.5 years ago. My fiance (then boyfriend) came with me one time last year, was miserable the entire time, couldn’t walk for a week after and said “never again.” Somehow Brynn convinced him to sign up for the Resolution Challenge this year – I have no idea how. He took 4 classes in January, 5 in February and this month he is taking 6. He’s not very into working out on his own and has seen a ridiculous amount of improvement just from these few classes. He’s stronger, can do a LOT more push-ups and lost weight too. It’s definitely NOT a girly workout, I hope your posts convinces more guys to try Refine!


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