He Sweats She Sweats attends a Charlee Partee

Photo Cred: http://dannijo.com/ and www.soul-cycle.com/

She Sweats:  I may have insisted on going to a 7am class but HE insisted that the 7am class must be with no one else but Charlee. Again, I’m glad I took HIS advice on this one! Charlee is an inspiration.  She’s incredibly fit and one of the most motivating teachers I’ve ever taken a class with.  You can tell she puts her absolute all into her classes and it makes you want to give nothing less than 110%. The class was extremely challenging and I like that there were lots of guys in the class.  I’ve noticed a lot of Soul Cycle classes attract mostly girls but you know it’s a good, challenging class when there are lots of guys! She also has a killer playlist. I can’t WAIT to go back to another Charlee class – morning or night!

He Sweats: I’m not one for the morning workouts but SHE insisted we sweat it out at 7am . I’m not sure where to even begin with this gem of a fitness instructor. Charlee is the perfect combination of speed and resistance. She brings it with the weights portion of the workout. Her music is some of my favorite. If I had never taken a SoulCycle class before and this was my first there’s probably a good chance I would not only take Charlee’s classes every hour of every day but I would follow her around like a puppy dog. She’s one of my favorites. She’s one of the best. Pretty simple!

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