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A Refine Method Outdoor Class in Central Park with our favorite Brynn Jinnett

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She Sweats: I took HE to Refine Method a few months ago  Being a big fan of Refine Method, and an even bigger fan of Brynn, I knew I would get HE hooked on it too. When we found out Refine would be holding outdoor classes in Central Park on Monday nights during the summer, we immediately knew we had to add it to our list. This past Monday, Brynn was leading the class and it was a must-do. The class was all girls except for HE and his coworker and it was one of the hardest classes I’ve taken all summer. We walked to a grassy area at the bottom of a hill right off on 72nd street and Central Park West. Brynn had a cart full of lots of fun things….Vipr’s, jump ropes, agility ladders, TRX’s…..and stop watches. We went through a couple circuits of exercises, doing 1:30 seconds of each exercise.  At the end of each circuit we had to run up and down the hill. HE and I were having a little one on one competition with these runs. I only “let” him win one time out of four (I started to feel bad). At the very end of class, Brynn handed us each a stop watch and gave us all 10 minutes to sprint up the hill as many times as we could. This is where the stop watches came in. Each sprint had to be faster than the one before it. We were allowed to jog or walk down the hill as an active recovery before going full speed ahead on to the next sprint up the hill. Within the 10 minutes I completed 5 sprints. My last one was my fastest and I felt 150% exhausted after I finished it. Like I said before, it was a really hard class but I felt amazing the next morning when I woke up. As much as I hated those sprints, I have to say it was actually fun trying to beat your own speeds. Brynn’s classes never cease to amaze me and I can definitely say Monday’s class was the best workout I’ve been to in a while!

 He Sweats: This is the second time we are reviewing one of Brynn’s classes at Refine Method only this time we took part in an outdoor class in Central Park. In all honesty the only reason Brynn is not on my schedule more is I’m lazy in getting to the upper west side from down in the Battery. Funny calling myself lazy having run 14 miles over the weekend with a Barry’s Bootcamp addition but whatever! I brought one of my co-workers to this workout to give him a sense of the different fitness opportunities across the city. If not for him, I would have been the only male. Again. I still don’t’ get it. Some of these classes are as hard as any class I take anywhere yet I’m always the only HE showing up. We broke up into three groups for this particular class and rotated around four workstations. From TRX on a pole, triceps on a wooden fence, to planks on the grass to lunges while lifting VIPRs , this was as hard a workout as I have done anywhere. Not to mention the running up and down a hill in between! For our finale, the last 10 minutes of class involved reverse splits up and down the hill. Brynn gave us a goal of 5x. I of course did seven. I of course did not reverse spilt my final two. I mentioned to Brynn after class I found those final 10 minutes rather useful given my running schedule these days. She basically combined two customary running workouts into one exercise. I think I rather impressed Brynn with my running abilities (Thanks FitChick, it’s working). At work the next day my co-worker didn’t shut up about class and we did an internet search on Brynn. I did not know any of this about her, a great watch  Bottom line on Brynn and her outdoor class is it was by far one of the best workouts I have done this year. Every inch of my body hurt for a couple days. My legs were jello. Not to mention can you really beat working out in Central Park in 75 degree weather. Ever? I don’t think so! If you are a runner looking for a cross training addition, an indoor cyclist or just looking for a change up from your weekly ritual and have not hit Refine Method yet, I highly recommend it. And to all you HEs out there, come out come out wherever you are!

I.AM.YOU Yoga with Lauren Imparato

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He Sweats: Let me preface my thoughts on class with I am not a yoga person. I’ve tried and tried again. I think if I yoga’ed it up more than once every month there’s a chance I could improve on my form but for now with my schedule that probably won’t happen. But when I do decide to take a yoga class, I Am You is always the first class I look to if I can fit it in the schedule. I’m in love with the studio. I’m in love with Lauren’s choice of music and I’m absolutely in love with her story given the finance back ground and her move to a better happier life. To say I’m jealous would be quite the understatement. Maybe one day I will follow her path! If you do yoga on a regular basis and have not tried I Am You, whether a male or female, you are quite possibly missing out on of the fitness treasures of NYC. I’m never the only male either in class, there is always one or two others. The beginning of her classes are awesome. She makes sure to relax the mind with some calm thoughts and focus. “Awareness” being the key focal point in this particularly class. Awareness is essential for almost everything we do in life. Without awareness everything is a half-hearted attempt at success. After the calm beginning to class, it’s a smooth ever so flowing yoga class while some sick tunes are blasted from what I think is only the coolest DJ stand my eyes have ever come across. Funny story about Lauren’s studio/apt. I almost rented it once years ago except there was no closet space. That and living in Little Italy would most certainly have added a pound or two to the waist-line. I’m a sucker for anything Italian. I will let SHE cover the yoga moves in particular as I’d be wasting your time trying to describe them being I rarely ever go and SHE does. But I always love the fact Lauren works the room fixing form. I am almost certain she is aware by a person’s form their expertise in yoga so I always appreciate the extra attention vs. others. My favorite part of yoga has been and will always be the end (SHE, what’s this called again?) It calms me like none other. I would take a whole class of the last five minutes if I could. All in all, this is as great a yoga class as I take anywhere and Lauren is an exceptional talent. One of the best. HE will always make sure to get I AM You in once a month even if he has to stalk Lauren to all her exotic retreats. Spain anyone?! 

IAMYou1photoShe Sweats: As I mentioned in our last post about AS ONE, June was a rough month for me work-wise.  Even though HE and I are finally starting to get back into the fitness swing of things, HE had an inkling or two that my mind was still a little stressed out from the past month. His suggestion for I.Am.You couldn’t have come at a better time! HE didn’t give me ANY background information, HE just sent me the link and told me to RSVP.  RSVP? I RSVP instead of sign up through a MindBodyOnline account? Ok. I clicked RSVP and was prompted to send an email to Lauren saying I wanted to attend. A little while later, I received an email back saying I was in! I arrived to the address on Mulberry Street, the day of the class and find myself standing behind a few people dressed in yoga gear waiting for an elevator to take us up to the studio…wait, no….her apartment! I walked in and there were yoga mats set up in Lauren’s loft apartment. The apartment was amazing and the second I met Lauren I instantly knew this was going to be like nothing I’ve ever experienced. I was SO intrigued about this whole situation and HE could see it on my face.  HE told me to just wait to hear her story because it’s going to amaze me. Which it did. She used to work in finance and when the economy crashed she got certified as a yoga instructor and began having friends over every Saturday morning at 11am to practice teaching on them.  Eventually, friends would bring friends, who would bring more friends, and Lauren realized she had strangers in her apartment every week who wanted to take her class. She ended up leaving the finance world to teach yoga full time. The class started out as the most relaxing yoga class I’ve ever taken. We sat there and concentrated on our breathing as she talked to us about Awareness. She really knew how to clear our minds and I actually had goosebumps the entire first 10 minutes of the class because I was so relaxed and enjoying it so much. Eventually, she turned on her playlist and started instructing us. I really don’t know too much about yoga. I’ve been going to SLT yoga for a year and have gone to a handful of yoga classes at Equinox so I’m no pro to say the least. I really enjoy it as a way to stretch, clear my head and relax. I was familiar with most of the poses she had us do but I did notice the class was much faster paced than any other yoga class I’ve been too. I loved it though because it was a really hard workout and everyone in the class was dripping with sweat. Lauren was great with correcting form. Her playlist was straight up unbelievable. One of my favorite things about SLT is the music so I was happy when someone I met in the elevator before class told me I was going to love it for if anything else, her playlist. She was right. The end of the class was just as amazing and relaxing as the beginning. Similar to HE, savasana is my favorite part of any yoga class as well…I will join you, HE, if you ever happen to find that savasana only yoga class.  When we left the class, we realized it had been an hour and a half long but it went by so fast I could have sworn it was only 50 minutes. I texted every single one of my yoga loving friends after we left, raving about how they need to go to I.Am.You. I can’t wait to go back again! It was exactly what I needed that Saturday morning and Lauren is just so inspirational I intend to make it a regular part of my workout routine.

AS ONE with George Vafiades


He Sweats: So after months and months of rescheduling SHE and HE were finally able to get to restart our summer adventure of finding only the best and hardest places to sweat in the NYC. This time around we were fortunate to get an invite to AS ONE for a good old fashion ass kicking by George Vafiades. George holds a BS in Anatomy/Physiology and his professional certifications include USA Triathlon (USAT) Level One, and USA Cycling, Level Three. He also has competed in multiple Ironman and Triathlon competitions. Not to mention he has battle scars plastered all over his body. The man screams “Let’s work our asses off.” I was just a bit nervous heading into this workout though as the mid-week runs had most certainly taken a toll on my legs. I think I crawled through the As One doors. SHE was in no better shape herself after 24 hours of hell in a hand basket partaking in every Nike event under the sun but I’ll let her walk you through that. I actually thought heading to this sweat session there would be more males partaking but once again the ratio was 8 females : 2 males. I’m going to write up a thesis one day on why there are so many more females partaking in boutique fitness vs. males. Guess the HEs just like sweating at the big box gym?

As1aphotoGeorge is one cool cat. He walked us through everything we would be doing at As One. It was a basic all body-weight workout where we split up into four teams to rotate from one exercise to the next. Whether it was bear crawls, pushups, sit-ups, squats forward, sandbag pullbacks, lunges to the left and right, burpees or riding the airdyne bike, George had us going nonstop with a full body strength workout which rivaled some of the best I have ever done. My thoughts during class were that this was what a Spartan event or Mudder must be like except indoors. But on a more serious note, there were two extremely value add takeaways from this class which I wanted to pass along. It probably relates to runners and indoor cyclers alike. Strength training is an extremely important compliment to many of our cardio exercises and I couldn’t think of any better non cardio add to your fitness diet than As One. No tread, no weights, just body weight workouts. And second and of equal if not greater importance, there are five minutes of foam rolling at the end. I mean I would personally pay someone millions to come over to my apartment every night and make sure I foam roll properly. This was done at the end of class and I probably don’t have to convince many of you the importance of foam rollers especially to the running community. Some of you even know how eager I was to learn how to properly foam roll these past couple weeks due to the uptick in my running routine. Perfect timing! Not to mention there was a perfect stretch to start class to get the body warmed up. It was like the A B C instruction book on how to actually work out properly. Bravo George, bravo. Now HE just has to figure out a way to motivate himself to get to the Upper West Side more. For you UWS habituates, between Central Park bootcamps and runs, AS1, Refine Method, Flywheel and SoulCycle, there are plenty to choose from to come up with a proper regimen without doing the same sweat over and over and over and over these days. Congratulations! 

as1bphotoShe Sweats: June was a tough month for HE Sweats SHE Sweats. HE had a few vacations, and I was chained to my desk for the month. June is the busiest month of the year for me at work and I have been working until all hours of the night every day, unable to work out. I would write HE emails daily about how much it was KILLING me. So, what better way to jump right back into things than to head straight to AS ONE! Well actually, the day before, I participated in a Nike event that was by far one of the coolest things I’ve ever done in the city. However, I was EXTREMELY sore from the workout so I wasn’t too sure if going to As1 the very next day was the smartest idea….after not working out for 3 weeks!  I have to be a little honest, I was really nervous. I went to As One about a year ago to a class with Mark Merchant and it was hands down the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It was probably the only time where I truly felt like I wasn’t going to make it through the entire class! I mean, the class was awesome, I just don’t think I realized what I was walking into to. “We’re not at Barry’s Bootcamp anymore” is was I kept thinking…”this must be what Crossfit is like.” That particular class was mostly men. I was one of two women that day so I was definitely a little intimidated to say the least.  All I could remember from that last class was the countless numbers of burpees, froggers, and sand bag lifts…over and over and over again. It was a class that if I continued to go to, would bring me to being in the best shape of my life for sure. So, fast forward to 3 days ago, I was sitting at As One, waiting for the class to start, shaking with fear, hoping that maybe by now I’m a little bit stronger and can handle this class a little better?! George came over immediately and introduced himself. I instantly started to feel a little better and I knew this was going to be a good class. HE walked in all excited (and making fun of me for being so nervous) and we were both ready to get started! We started with a really good warm up of different stretches and then sets of 10 jumping jacks and 10 burpees (I think we did that 5 times). Then, as HE mentioned, we broke up into four groups and alternated through 50 seconds of different exercises, doing three sets of each exercise.  One group would always be on the stationary bike while the other three groups did stuff like burpees, pushups, planks, sand bag lifts, squats, lunges, dips, etc.  Each rotation of exercises was harder than the next, and the last, of course, was the hardest. I was actually very surprised at how fast the whole class went by. I think I was so prepared for pure torture, I had geared myself up more than I needed to! At the very end of class we did some foam rolling which I love as much as HE does. I love fitness studios that incorporate foam rolling! Refine Method does it as well. All in all, I had a really good experience at As One. I think I might start going more than once a year and I want to eventually challenge myself to go back to the same class I went to last year… maybe I’m in better shape now than I was then ;)