He & She do some Game of Thrones Role Play at Exceed Phycial Culture


She Sweats: I was very excited when we received an email from Tracey Pontarelli asking if we wanted to turn the tables on SHE and go to a class that appeals to men. I realized that it’s becoming a trend where HE is the only guy in any class we go to. Even the yoga class I brought HE to, where I SWORE there would be guys, there weren’t any that day. We got invited to Exceed Physical Culture to take a class that’s apparently referred to as the group fitness class that guys have been waiting for so I was very intrigued to see what it was about. Exceed is a really cool place. There is a lot of personal training that goes on along with group fitness classes. But these classes are no joke. There are kettlebells, TRX’s, rowing machines, agility ladders, all sorts of things!  We started off the class with a warm up and then we played a fun little game called Back, Belly, Feet. This is where I realized things were not going to be easy. The instructor yelled out one of the three (back, belly, or feet) and you had to move as fast as you can to get that body part on the floor. By the time I was laying on my stomach, everyone else was already standing up, or on their backs, or back on their stomachs, or on their feet, or on their backs or standing up……..etc. I mean, it was really hard, but also really fun because you’re moving so fast trying to keep up with the commands, I couldn’t help but laugh at myself! After the “game” was over we transitioned into some circuits that involved the rowing machine. I feel like we’ve gone to a couple classes lately where rowing is involved and it’s always a super, super hard workout. I reach a breathless state every time we do it. From the rowing machine we moved to the floor where we had to hold side planks and then we had to do burpees. The last part of the circuit required us to hang from a bar for as long as it took the person rowing to reach 250 meters. It may not sound that hard, but just hanging there, is HARD. Every part of your arm burns. We finished off the class with some bear crawl relay races. I can definitely see why guys find this class appealing. There’s no nonsense, it’s simply a good, hard workout. I would definitely go back and will tell all my guys friends looking for a good workout to go there as well!

He Sweats: Another example of a studio reaching out to He Sweats She Sweats, that might be the only way HE gets out of bed before 7am on a weekend! I’m glad my new best friend Tracey Pontarelli reached out to us to come on in once again. This time around it was a good old fashion fitness ass kicking. There were about eight people in class even divided between males and females. If you haven’t been to Exceed Physical Culture before, there are numerous routines where you are broken up into teams. I’ll get to that in a moment. As SHE touched on above, my favorite part of class was Back, Belly, Feet. Pretty simple exercise. Jason yells out back, you fall to your back, belly on your belly and feet on your feet. Rapid fire style. At one point when Jason yelled out feet I jumped up and was in the complete opposite direction from everyone else in the room. Sometimes you don’t think, you just do and this was one of those cases. Back to the team format though. We broke up into two groups of four for some team oriented individual exercises. From rowing to 15 burpees to hanging on a bar, this was pure torture at its best. My first thoughts while hanging from a bar until the 15 burpees were completed was this must the “Theon Greyjoy” torture portion of the class (for you Game of Thrones fans). I do believe I grew two inches by participating in this exercise alone! Jason definitely brought his A game to this class. No notes, no cheat sheet. Just a pure fitness instructor taking names and kicking ass. Definitely one of the harder workouts I have done to date. On a side note, no brunch at EJ’s post. SHE was too tired and had to go back to sleep. Mission accomplished!

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