Pilates ProWorks with Jenn Seracuse can be summarized with one word: HARD!



He Sweats: I don’t know where to even begin with this review. Mind you once again, I decided to try out a pilates class two days prior to a half marathon. I guess I didn’t learn my lesson the first time. Jenn Seracuse reached out to us when she saw a He Sweats She Sweats post looking for some new places to try. HE is the King of Chaise23 and the Stud of Studs at SLT so I was more than happy to try out another pilatesesque studio. Better yet, Jenn is from Colorado Springs, which is where half my family currently resides. I love people from Colorado. You know they were born for fitness whether it be skiing, biking or hiking. Little did I realize Jenn was going to kick my ass every which way. The moves barked out were fairly similar to other studios I have been to. But a quarter of the way in I starting laughing as Theon Greyjoy, AGAIN, made an appearance. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pX07LXI7Kno (5:01 mark) All I could think about was Jenn playing the part of Ramsay Snow torturing me while my legs were going one way and the rest of my body another. I don’t know. I just found this specific class really hard. I was looking around the room once I stopped crying and so many were just doing the moves with ease. The thing I absolutely loved about JENN is her 100% focus on form. Obviously my form was not the best in this specific class. I actually felt bad Jenn kept coming over to me but I felt a little better seeing Jenn returning to SHE time and time again. If my form was off even an inch Jenn would come over, headphones would come off and Jenn would fix my posture. Or leg placement. Or hip placement. I would be so curious what veterans of the world of Pilates think of classes at Pilates ProWorks. Maybe I just don’t go enough. I have been slacking a bit with my Pilates attendance over the past month given it is running season but still. It should not have been as hard as it was for me. We were able to catch up with an attendee after class. She had perfect everything in class so I was curious how much time she spent there. I believe she goes almost five times a week. So that explains that I thought! I was once again the only guy in class. Which once again proved that either most men are afraid of Pilates, don’t know what it is or have come to realize what I still have yet to give in to. The fact females are far superior athletes and we should not even bother embarrassing ourselves trying to work out on their level. That has to be it! Bottom line though is class was really hard. It is going to take time and plenty of classes to get it down but I did love the sweat. Jenn is by far one of the best instructors I have taken when it comes to form. I put her in the Jamie Lugo category. Meaning GAME ON when it comes to class: “I smile before and after but I’m going to kick your ass and enjoy it because that is what I get paid to do.” Which is the best! BTW, The studio is massively awesome! I had not been before but is so spacious I thought I was in an art gallery. Theon Greyjoy will most certainly be back.



She Sweats: I had been wanting to try Pilates ProWorks for quite some time, so when Jenn reached out to us and HE asked if I was interested, I didn’t hesitate for a second! Let’s go! I’ve been to Chaise23 a handle full of times, SLT a bunch, and HE and I had one private session with Kevyn Zeller http://www.hesweatsshesweats.com/learning-living-pilates-with-kevyn-zeller/. That is the extent of what I’ve done in the world of Pilates.  I can describe our class with Jenn with one word: Hard. We took the class 4 days ago and parts of my legs are still sore. I’m always, always sore from SLT for a few days after I take a class but Jenn’s class was hard in a different kind of way. The whole class took place on a reformer machine, kind of similar to the one we use at SLT.  However, I don’t know if it was the resistance on the machines, the amount of time (lots of it) we had to do each exercise, or the lack of any rest periods, that I felt there wasn’t one second of the class that wasn’t extremely difficult.  I tried to look around and see if other people were having a hard time or trying to take mini breaks but I felt like I was the only one!…(well actually I caught HE taking some breaks too so I wasn’t the ONLY one). Jenn was really great though. As HE mentioned, she came over often to correct our form, which was great. I felt like she really paid attention to every single person in the class and genuinely wanted everyone to do things the right way. Every time she corrected my form I could FEEL that I was going from doing the move incorrectly to correctly. I could suddenly feel that I was hitting the muscles I was supposed to hit. Like I said, this class was really hard and I don’t understand why more guys don’t go to classes like this! Even HE can agree, it’s not easy and it’s an amazing work out so any guy who thinks Pilates is only for women should really make their way over to Pilates ProWorks and then let us know what they think!  I’m looking forward to attending one of the barre classes there because we heard great things about it after class while talking to some regulars. Add it to the list, HE!


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